Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Value of Seminars

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of visiting Savannah, GA, as part of a weekend genealogy seminar. The information was great. More important than the information, I came away from the seminar rejuvenated, ready to do more in my family history research.

This is the great benefit to attending and participating in seminars and annual meetings. It seems as those every time I attend a local or national meeting, the energy in the classrooms and during the breaks between sessions generates a rebirth of interest. Not only do I come away with new ideas, but I am always anxious to put those new ideas into practice. I wonder if this isn't the case for most people attending these meetings.

So, for anyone that has the time and inclination, I urge you to take part in local, regional, or national genealogy meetings and seminars. They can have a wonderful effect. And there are an abundance of meetings to attend.

The National Genealogical Society is meeting in May in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Federation of Genealogical Societies annual meeting is in September, in Little Rock.

local organizations generally meet on a quarterly or monthly basis:

The Georgia Genealogical Society meets quarterly, and they have an variety of topics for Genealogical and Family History research.

A regional course that has an interesting format and is incredibly valuable are the Family History Expos that are staged throughout the west. Holly Hansen and this group put together an interesting and informative series of programs. They are held throughout the west and each weekend offers different lectures. I have been to a couple of these, in Ogden, UT, and Mesa, AZ, and I a looking forward to attending more. This is a great way to learn Genealogy and Family History research techniques.

So, take in the available seminars. Not only are these relaxing weekends away from the office, they provide a wealth of information and they also serve to rejuvenate the researching spirit.

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