Thursday, October 1, 2009

October is Family History Month

With the coming holiday season, it seems appropriate to begin the season by thinking about family and family history. October is Family history month. As the months wind down, we have Halloween; then Thanksgiving is just around the corner. By the time we have finally digested the full turkey dinner, Christmas and the New Year are upon us. Mixed in between these dates, to commemorate diverse cultures and heritage, we have Dia de Muertos, Columbus Day, Kwanza, and Hanukah.

Regardless of which holidays you commemorate, the next three months is a time for celebration and family togetherness. Now is the time to think about adding to the family history and genealogy. Consider the possibilities. In the past, a number of ideas have been presented as ways to build our family history. There are a variety of ways to add new light to family history, or present the old material in different ways. Collecting oral histories, creating family websites, or blogs; or preserving and scanning family photographs are just a couple of ways to honor the family.

As you gear up for the coming holidays, enjoy family history month. This marks the beginning of three months of celebrating and honoring family. Happy Family History Month!

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