Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Life During the Civil War" Reviewed

I have found an interesting new study that may be worthwhile for any one that has any interest in the Civil War involving their family history research. Family Chronicle Magazine has recently published a 100 page collection of articles that may provide some new direction for Civil War research. Life During The Civil War details the day to day life of participants in the Civil War. The articles were all written by David A. Norris and cover a variety of topics on daily life during the war period.

Every wonder what camp life was like for your great-grandfather? Or, how did my ancestors pay their bills while working on the farm? What were the greenbacks that great-grandfather kept referencing in his diaries? What was the music like that they used to sing in the 1860s?

All of these details, and more, are included in the pages of this magazine. The information on these pages makes for an interesting read. The down side of this work is that there are no references, no footnotes, nothing to direct for further reading. But, for research, for the opportunity to get a feel for how our ancestors lived during the Civil War period, this is a brief study that can help provide some information.

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