Monday, September 13, 2010

Century Farms A New Avenue for Family History

This past week, in between multiple meetings and unpacking boxes, something interesting has become apparent to me. I suppose it is simply my failure to think and make connections, but researching for the Century Farms Program is a new twist to genealogy and family history.

The Century Farms program documents farms within the individual states that have remained in one family for more than 100 years. In addition, some states have programs to honor sesquicentennial farms, or farms that have been in a family for 150 years. The state of Tennessee has a program known as the Pioneer Farms that honors family farms of at least 200 years. By conducting an in-depth search, you can find farms in the New England area that have been in one family for 300 or more years. To contemplate one family owning the same land since 1700 is amazing.

In order to search any of these farms, the family genealogy and the family history needs to be researched and developed. This enhances the fascination of all of this. Here is a new tool, a new use for genealogy and family history research. It really is quite exciting.

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