Saturday, April 10, 2010

Button Gwinnett Signature: What's It Worth?

There was an interesting article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper about the auction of a signature of Button Gwinnett. For those of you who don't know, Gwinnett was one of three Georgia signers of the Declaration of Independence. He wasn't prolific with a pen. He didn't ever write many letters, or they didn't survive.

A recently discover letter signed by Gwinnett and other members of the 2nd Continental Congress is scheduled for auction. because Gwinnett's signature is on the page the value of the letter has soared! According to the auction estimates, the absence of other letters makes this one particularly valuable.

We know very little about Gwinnett. We don't even know exactly where he is buried!

The link to the web page is not working. Until I can try to fix it, you might go to and search for Button Gwinnett. The auction of his letter is scheduled for Wednesday, 14 April 2010. You might check out this story.

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